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SERVICES: Boarding (small animals, reptiles, birds)

Rabbit, chinchilla, hamster, guinea pig, reptile, and bird owners appreciate the peace of mind that accompanies the use of our boarding services. Individual interaction is given to your pet periodically throughout the day, and we are always more than happy to include additional and/or specific attention as directed (extra play time, love talk, games). Our small animal guests lodge in an indoor climate controlled environment that is quiet and has a low-level of activity to help minimize stress. We are able to accommodate both the extraverted personality (in the same room with other small animals) as well as the introverted (small animals who prefer their privacy). Units are regularly cleaned, supplies are regularly replenished, toys are regularly replaced. Most importantly, your small animal is regularly supervised by our trained staff for any physical and/or behavior changes that may indicate a concern.

Save time by downloading and printing the required boarding form [link] in advance before dropping off your boarding pet.

Prices below apply for one animal per cage with cage provided from your home (store cages available at additional cost). Multiple animals in same cage are welcome for additional cost.

Small Animals
Rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla - $8/night     
Hamster, mouse, gerbil - $5/night     
Rat - $6/night    
Ferret - $10/night

Finch, canary - $6/night

Lovebird, parakeet - $8/night
Cockatiel, quaker, conure - $10/night      
Amazon, goffin - $14/night
Cockatoo - $15/night      
Macaw - $15/night (small), $20/night (large)

Moluccan - $20/night