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As Available, We Carry:

  • Grey Chinchillas
    ​(most common color)
  • Lilac Chinchillas
  • Beige Chinchillas
  • Cream Chinchillas
  • Ebony Chinchillas

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend chinchillas be cared for by young children. They normally thrive when handled by an experienced small animal owner.

Chinchilla Fun Facts!

  • Chinchilla's teeth never stop growing, reinforcing their important need to gnaw.
  • They have the softest fur of any land mammal.
  • Their average life-span is eight to ten years.

PETS: Chinchillas

Like guinea pigs, chinchillas are native to South America and were domesticated for their soft, plush fur. They are nocturnal and are mostly asleep during the day. They can be very affectionate with people, but typically don't like to be held. Instead, they prefer to jump into their owner's lap on their terms. When not in your lap, chinchillas are very active and like to climb and run around a room to show off their agile antics (including a remarkable talent for jumping up to six-feet!). Surprisingly, with the exception of sometimes greeting their owner with a soft chuckle, chinchillas are known to be less vocal than any other domesticated rodent. Visit one of these unique animals today and learn more from one of our animal care experts!