Food and Water Care

  • Aquarium salt and calcium clay
  • Bloodworms (small and large, frozen and live)
  • Brine and Mysis shrimp
  • Cichlid, freshwater, color, tropical, goldfish flakes, pellets, and crisps
  • Freeze dried bloodworms, shrimp, and krill
  • Pond sticks and pellets
  • Water quality test kits and treatment systems (many varieties)
  • Weekend fish feeders

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  • Algae pads and magnets
  • Aquarium décor and backgrounds
  • Aquarium kits, hoods, and bulbs
  • Aquarium nurseries and breeders
  • Artificial plants and plant mats
  • Filters, tubing, air pumps, diffusers, filter fiber
  • Glass and plastic aquariums and bowls
  • Glass, gravel, stone, and driftwood
  • Gravel vacuums
  • Scrubbers, nets, and brushes
  • Thermometers and heaters

SUPPLIES: For Your Fish

Fish often come with a number of challenges, especially water quality and bacterial infections. In addition to the standard supplies of food and accessories, we also have the standard selection of water chemicals and conditioners.