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TropiClean Life Supplements

Supplement your dog’s nutrition with a fresh and balanced blend of ultra-concentrated oils.

My Dog Nose It
Sun Protection for your dog's nose! 
​A natural, safe and water resistant sun protector for your best friend! Proudly made in the USA.

Gorilla Wood and Ruff Roots Root

Alternatives to rubber or plastic toys, these are also a natural toothbrush, are great teething toys for growing puppies, and are extremely long-lasting. All natural!

"Go Dog" Chew Toy
Made super tough with new Chew Guard Technology (that's official trademarked lingo, by the way!).

Chopper Dog (and cat) Toys
Chopper super-durable, plush, chewy, rope, or ballistic toys fit the play style of any dog who wants to fetch, tug, or snuggle, all in one toy! Visit the store for a broad selection, including cat toys. 

Nite Ize Night-Time Products
To keep track of dogs day and night, Nite Ize canine products incorporates LED technology for high visibility.

Cat Track Toys 

A number of selections to keep your feline busy. Refills available!

"Hear Doggy!" Ultrasonic Squeak Toy 

Yep, that's right! Squeaking is only heard by your dog's super ears.

Fromm, Hasen Duckenpfeffer

A German-inspired, grain-free entree prepared with rabbit and duck together with potatoes, carrots, and celery.

ACANA Heritage Dog Food

We are the first in the area to carry the new Heritage ACANA dog food! According to their website, "ACANA Heritage foods are our original Biologically Appropriate™ recipes that celebrate our 25-year tradition of featuring fresh regional ingredients grown close to home by farmers, ranchers and fishermen we know and trust."

Cat Nip and Cat Grass

Put a little fancy fun and fiber in each of your feline's nine lives!

TropiClean All Natural Flea and Tick Treatment System (Home and Dog)

Made with natural ingredients for fresh scents and a tropical clean.

Canine Birthday Box!

Box contains a birthday cake, soft bake bites, and canine Mac N' Cheese treats!