PETS: Rabbits

Rabbits are active and affectionate pets who enjoy being petted. Some rabbits follow their owner and like their hand like a dog! They play by running around a room and will amuse you with their leaping and twisting antics. Because they are so active, they need at least an hour a day out of their enclosure to play. Rabbit lovers are welcome to admire ourbunnies in their "pet-friendly" homes in the store, while serious buyers will appreciate a more in-depth dialogue with one of our animal experts to help prepare for the transition.

As Available, We Carry:

  • American Dutch Rabbits
  • Lionhead Rabbits
  • Lop Eared Rabbits
  • Holland Lop Rabbits
  • Dwarf Rabbits

Rabbit Fun Facts!

  • Rabbits live an average of six to ten years, but can live up to twelve.
  • There are 45 different breeds of rabbits, from tiny dwarf breeds weighing only two to three pounds to giant breeds who tilt the scales at 20 pounds!
  • Rabbits are strict herbivores.

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