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PETS: Reptiles

Bearded Dragons

Native to the Australian deserts, bearded dragons are popular domesticated reptile pets who are easy to handle and relatively tame. Bearded dragons sometimes demonstrate behaviors that are interesting to observe, such as arm waving, mouth gaping, and tail twitching. Of course, the fluffing of their spiky and scaly beard is not only their namesake, but a defense mechanism to make them appear bigger to predators. Bearded dragons do need a number of environmental requirements to stay healthy and thrive --- ask one of our animal experts today for more information.

Leopard Geckos

Wild leopard geckos are found in the desert climates of part of the middle- and far-east. A popular reptile pet, the leopard gecko typically has a yellow colored skin with dark spots throughout its body, which makes them difficult to find in their natural environments. Their feet are small with short, thick toes, and their bodies are rounded with a plump, long tail. Leopard geckos are nocturnal and eat mostly crickets and meal worms. They are also quite curious, and like to spend time outside of their enclosure to explore. Believe it or not, even reptiles have their own, unique personalities --- visit one of ours today!

Bearded Dragon Fun Facts!

  • A male bearded dragon is known to bob his head as an act of aggression.
  • The average lifespan of a bearded dragon is eight to twelve years.

Leopard Gecko Fun Facts!

  • Unlike other gecko species, leopard geckos are able to move their eyelids.

  • The tail of a leopard gecko can regenerate itself if snatched up by a predator in the wild.
  • The average life-span of a domesticated leopard gecko is seven to twenty years; the average length  is six to ten inches.